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Crafting events
The branded craft beer designed to boost your next event!
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Hopera Flower
Hopera is a craft beer brand that aims to boost the social experience of events. The labels of the beercans are visually designed for the specific event, with the addition of an on-chain proof of attendance custom NFT.
How it works
Hopera enhances and elevates inclusivity through visual storytellingand craftsmanship, creating unique and memorable fusion of taste,aesthetics, and innovation.
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Upload your design to preview how your logo looks on the beercan.
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From your preview, we create a cool custom design for your label.
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You choose the kind of beer you prefer, we take care of the rest!
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We' ll set up an on-site stand for people to chill, connect and drink beer.
Preview your design
Drop your brand logo and preview it on a 3D beercan: we take your idea and make the magic happen!
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In need of branded craft beer for your next web3 event? Let us know!